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Meet the Ricci Family

Matt and Kally had always desired a large family, but never expected an opportunity to grow so early in their marriage. Their life was already busy with Tanner, their little boy, and Matt is earning his doctorate at Angelo State University to become a physical therapist while Kally works nights as a registered ER nurse. 

"Our journey to adoption is one of humility and honor as we feel there have been people in our lives that have been placed there for a reason to give us a sweet baby girl."


"Two weeks after my sister Camie went off to college, she took her roommate to buy a pregnancy test. When the test came back positive, Camie supported her new friend as she faced an unplanned pregnancy. Although we didn't feel like we were in a position to adopt, weeks passed on and still this unborn child was always on our minds. After many prayers, we finally expressed our interest to the birth mother. It was a very humbling day when she chose us, knowing that  she trusted us enough to give us her baby. We truly feel that this is one of those experiences where God puts people in your life for a reason. We knew that there were probably better candidates and potential families; families that couldn’t have children or struggled with infertility and families that were more secure in the future. Matt and I have both seen the joys and miracles that adoption can bring to the lives of many; we knew we wanted to make a difference in a child's life."  - Kally Ricci

The Ricci’s adoption journey has been moving along smoothly until the beginning of this year. The birthmother lives and will give birth in Nevada. They recently learned that although this is a private adoption, Nevada’s laws require an adoption agency to be used for all adoptions. This was a huge shock to Matt and Kally, who have already been worried about the financial aspect, but they are determined to provide a forever home for the sweet baby girl coming in May. “We know we can provide a wonderful life for this baby girl, but with Matt still in school for another year, these laws will complicate our adoption.”

Project 2713 has created this campaign to support the financial needs of the Ricci family. We are passionate about helping families throughout Texas with financial assistance and resources for local adoptions.


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