The Ricci Family


Matt and Kally had always desired a large family, but never expected an opportunity to grow so early in their marriage. Their life was already busy with Tanner, their little boy, and Matt is earning his doctorate at Angelo State University to become a physical therapist while Kally works nights as a registered ER nurse.

Although the Ricci's didn't feel like they were in a position to adopt, weeks passed on and still this unborn child was always on their minds. After many prayers, Matt and Kally finally expressed their interest to the birth mother. It was a very humbling day when she chose the Ricci's.

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The Ricci Family is currently asking for donations from April 1st through April 30th. Any amount of financial support will help the Ricci's complete their adoption and bring their new baby girl home.


The Murphy Family


“We weren’t considering adoption at the time - that’s what makes this all so miraculous.” Tiffany Murphy and her husband already had 2 daughters at home. They had tried foster care and decided it wasn’t meant for their family. Even still, her daughter Blaire kept saying that she wanted a baby sister. Tiffany told Blaire to pray about it every time she asked…and we all know how prayer works! 

Fast forward 2 weeks to April 2015: Tiffany receives a phone call from Child Protective Services asking if she could take in a baby girl. Her young cousin in El Paso had just given birth, but was in prison awaiting a sentence on a murder charge and could not care for the baby. CPS had tried contacting all other immediate family members and they were unable to find anyone willing to help until that fateful call to the Murphy family. Without hesitating, Tiffany said she would care for the child. “It happened so fast. I asked my kids if they would like a baby sister before I left and my daughter just said “Can we call her Lily?” From the moment we found out about Lily, we knew we would be adopting her.”

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