The Launch of Project 2713


Project 2713 is officially launching and we couldn't be more excited to share our passion for adoption with the world! There are many nonprofits FOCUSED ON adoption AID, so what makes us unique?

  1. We support inner-family adoption
    Little to no government aid exists for this type of adoption. Inner-family adoption is important to us because the opportunity to remain with family helps a child's sense of security develop through familial love and support while promoting emotional and psychological health.

  2. Our unique approach: locals helping locals
    Adoptions are taking place all over the world—and that's an amazing thing!—but our passion is to help locally. In our support for all adoption, Project 2713 focuses on helping those who are in our own community, state, and country. Our team and volunteers represent more than 6 different counties across Texas. That means we have multiple local communities getting involved and growing every day to help those around them.
  3. We partner with the experts
    By building relationships with local adoption attorneys, we can more easily identify the families that are in need of assistance.
  4. Our grassroots commitment
    Our commitment for change is among the highest of goals we seek to achieve. In order to achieve this, we take our passion to the streets of our communities. Through fundraising campaigns, special events, and community involvement we are embedded in the heart of the change we seek to create.

One action can cause change and one change can create a movement.