Phillip's Story: How I Became Part of Project 2713


Why did I join Project 2713?

Sarah spoke to me very early on about her plan for starting a nonprofit that helped families with the financial burden of adopting a child. It didn’t have a name at that point. As a CPA, I’ve had a few nonprofits as clients, so I told her some things to look out for in creating the entity. It wasn’t until later that she asked me to join the Board of Directors as the Treasurer.

I definitely had to think about it.

I’ve always liked the idea of adoption and have been open to adopting a child in the future personally. I’ve also seen how expensive adoptions can be through my work. Starting a nonprofit is not an easy task, but I knew Sarah was someone who wouldn’t give up and was up for the task. I would also bring a different set of skills and experiences to the board than the other members.

With all that in mind, I said yes to Sarah and here I am.


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