Thank you Blaze Pizza and Supporters!


The sounds and smells of delicious food and lively conversation were the main event at Blaze Pizza this past week for the Project 2713’s fundraiser. Family and friends came from all over DFW to support Project 2713 and they truly delivered; almost $100 was raised! The evening started off with the board members being the first to arrive at Blaze, but that quickly changed as time went by. An hour into the event the line to order was almost out the door! Quick to seize an opportunity, board member, Phillip Hernandez, mingled and spoke to families about Project 2713 and its’ mission. Founder and Chair, Sarah Haug was also seen making conversation with friends that came out in support.

As the evening progressed the kitchen cooled and customers dwindled, but the hospitality of Blaze remained strong. Blaze was the perfect sponsor for Project 2713 and has their sincere gratitude for being so willing and eager to promote and help with the fundraiser. The success of this fundraiser only fuels the fire and passion of Project 2713 to continue raising money to support local and inner-family adoptions. Stay tuned and connected to Project 2713 so you can be sure to be up to date on all upcoming fundraisers and events!

A huge thank you to all who came out to raise some “dough”!